Customizable Jewelry Now Available!

Jan 17 2018

Customizable Jewelry Now Available!

by Kattie in General

In our ever expanding, ever adapting to new customers and old customers, we’ve broadened our horizon of availability in jewelry! Just because we don’t have it now, no longer means we can’t or won’t! We can now get you as close to possible on your perfect piece of jewelry! You name it, we can probably get it!

Start thinking Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day!

YES we can special order you a Mother’s Ring! For a fraction of the cost elsewhere! Forget the big box jewelers! We blow their prices out of the water!

We now have the ability to get in any type of jewelry you are looking for! Specific style mounting you want but don’t want to go the custom route due to price? We have thousands of mountings to look through and find that perfect piece! Contact Kattie today at or 603-798-4199. Check out the link below to get some ideas!


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