How much do consignors receive?

Fine jewelry is usually at 70 % to the consignor. Consignors receive 60% of items selling for over $99.00, and 50% of items selling for $99.00 and under. There is NEVER a cost to you to consign items.

How long are items consigned for?

Items are consigned for 60 to 90 days, with a 10% markdown at 30 and 60 days. After 90 days items are subject to donation closeout or other means of disposal.

When can I consign items?

If you have just a couple small items pretty much anytime! Furniture or larger amounts it is recommended to prearrange and or send pictures. While you are welcome to show up anytime we can only accommodate as space and time allow.

When do I get paid?

Checks are printed on the last day of the month and are held in store for pick up for ten days. After ten days all remaining checks are mailed to the address on file.

When I purchase something how do I get it home?

You normally have 5 days to pick up purchased items. While we have outside vendors that are INSURED a friend with a pick up is always cheaper!

What can I consign?

Furniture, home decorating accessories and antiques , jewelry and some collectibles. Our website will show pictures of a variety of items.

Not a bad shop for some good staple pieces or holders. Managed to snag a great dining room table for $130 and very happy with quality.

- Devon Rabun

This is always my first “go to” when looking for anything! With a tight budget, I’ve furnished many apartments completely with this fantastic shop! Great people to work with, great items of every kind and great prices.

- Barb Gagne

I LOVE this place, they're always having something new with a really reasonable prices...The manager there is a sweetheart too and so welcoming.

- Germeen Mohamed

This place is so cool, & the kids grab box is awesome... it was the BEST incentive for our kiddos to keep their hands to themselves! Thank you!

- Autumn Mullen

Very nice place for 2nd hand items. Prices very reasonable. Staff friendly and helpful.

- Roberta

A place full of treasures you might not know you needed. We found a set of counter-height chairs that appeared almost new at a great price.

- Doug

Love this place and they always have new items and move stuff around to please the eye. Not crammed in like some places! Great finds every time we go in! Good job Martin and Kattie.

- Cindy

wide variety of items fabulous condition, everything from the practical to the exquisitely extravagant, recent vintage and antique. so fun to explore and discover.

- April